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Samsung 22 cu.ft. 30" French Door Refrigerator with modern design RF22A4111SR/AA – Stainless Steel

Samsung 22 cu.ft. 30" French Door Refrigerator with modern design RF22A4111SR/AA – Stainless Steel

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Introducing the Samsung RF22A4111SR French Door Refrigerator, a sleek and modern addition to your kitchen. This refrigerator boasts a 21.8 cubic feet capacity, providing ample space to accommodate a week's worth of groceries for your family. The convenience of the freezer being situated at the bottom, along with a handy ice dispenser, allows for quick access to ice without having to open the entire fridge.

This appliance is not only spacious but also energy-efficient, thanks to its LED lighting that illuminates the interior, making it easy to see your items even in low light conditions. Plus, it's designed to resist fingerprints, ensuring that your refrigerator doors stay free from unsightly streaks.

The Samsung French Door Refrigerator effortlessly complements your home's modern aesthetic with its stylish and streamlined design. The flat doors and recessed handles give it a clean and contemporary look, while the LED lighting enhances the visibility of your stored items.

One standout feature of this refrigerator is its Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor the fridge via a smartphone app*. With this functionality, you can check and adjust the temperature, change cooling modes, receive door-open alerts, and even diagnose any potential issues, all of which can help you avoid unnecessary repair calls.

Inside the refrigerator, the Easy Access Display is conveniently located within arm's reach, making it easy to adjust settings, even if you have limited mobility. The control panel features a seamless and user-friendly design, enabling one-handed operation.

The Samsung RF22A4111SR incorporates the exclusive All-Around Cooling system, ensuring uniform temperature distribution throughout the fridge. This is achieved by circulating cool air through strategically placed vents, eliminating hot or cold spots and ensuring that all your food remains at the ideal temperature.

Furthermore, the Power Cool/Power Freeze feature adds to the fridge's performance by efficiently cooling all stored items, guaranteeing that nothing spoils due to uneven cooling.

In summary, the Samsung RF22A4111SR French Door Refrigerator offers a high-quality, spacious, and feature-rich appliance for your kitchen. With its 21.8 cubic feet capacity, bottom freezer with ice dispenser, and a host of smart and convenient features, it's an excellent choice to meet your storage and cooling needs.


    • Width: 75.8cm (29.84")
    • Height: 169.5cm (66.73")
    • Depth: 87.6cm (34.49")


    • Open box, new, scratch and dent
    • 1 year Warranty
    • Delivery is available
    • Product image can vary from original

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