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IF-3610 IF-3611 IF-3612

IF-3610 IF-3611 IF-3612

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  • Deluxe Model

    IF-3610 Twin XL Bed 79"L 38"W 9"-15"H

    IF-3611  Double Bed  74"L 54"W 9"-15"H

    IF-3612  Queen Bed  79"L 59"W 9"-15"H

    • Made in Germany Okin Brand Motor
    • 100% Steel Constructed Frame
    • Foam Padding on top of Frame
    • Adjustable Head and Foot Positions
    • Wireless Remote Control
    • Adjustable Height Legs
    • Dual-side USB Ports
    • 15 Massage Modes
    • Soft Glowing Under Bed LED Lights
    • Can Pair 2x Twin-XL to make a King size
  • Compatible Mattresses

    Prelude 11” Pocket Coil Mattress

    • Full Layer Cool Gel Foam
    • Comfort Foam
    • Insulator Padding

    Accord 10” Gel Foam

    • Full Layer Cool Gel Foam
    • High-Density Comfort Foam
    • Ultra High Density Core Base

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