Explore Scratch and Dent Refrigerators at Oxbury Warehouse

  • At Oxbury Warehouse, we understand the importance of finding high-quality appliances at affordable prices. That's why we're proud to offer a wide selection of scratch and dent refrigerators at our store locations in London, Ontario, and Mississauga, Ontario. These refrigerators may have minor cosmetic imperfections, but they are fully functional and backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Why Choose Scratch and Dent Refrigerators from Oxbury Warehouse?

    1. Incredible Savings: Our scratch and dent refrigerators are priced significantly lower than their brand-new counterparts, allowing you to enjoy substantial savings without compromising on quality. These refrigerators may have minor scratches, dents, or blemishes that occurred during transportation or handling, but they are brand new and have never been used.

    2. Quality Assurance: Despite being discounted, our scratch and dent refrigerators undergo thorough inspection and testing to ensure that they meet our strict standards for performance and reliability. Our team of experts carefully examines each refrigerator to verify its functionality, ensuring that it will keep your food fresh and your beverages cold for years to come.

    3. Wide Selection: Whether you're in need of a top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, or French door refrigerator, we have you covered. Our store locations in London, Ontario, and Mississauga, Ontario, are stocked with a diverse range of scratch and dent refrigerators to suit every need and budget. With top brands and the latest models available, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Oxbury Warehouse.

    4. Expert Assistance: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about specific refrigerators, need help navigating our inventory, or require assistance with installation or delivery, we're here to provide personalized service and ensure your complete satisfaction.

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    Ready to find unbeatable deals on scratch and dent refrigerators? Visit Oxbury Warehouse at our store locations in London, Ontario, and Mississauga, Ontario, today! Our showrooms are conveniently located, and our friendly staff are standing by to help you find the perfect refrigerator for your needs and budget. With our commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, you can trust Oxbury Warehouse for all your appliance needs.

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